Frontiers Missionary Training facilitated by Paul Mission Center, Cainta, Rizal in 2017. 

It covered lectures on God's Royal Priests At Work, OFW Strategy, Paul's Evangelism 101, and Harvest Connection. 

Speaker and Resource Person REV. LALANO BADOY Jr. of Philippine Mission Association and Global Pinoy.

Speaker : Prt. Minho Song 

 - Senior Pastor of Young Nak Church, Toronto 

 - Former OMF Missionary in the Philippines as Professor of ATS 

When : 18. Apr. 2018 

Where : Asian Theological Seminary (Philippines) 

Pastor Minho Song has been practicing a missional church in Young Nak Church in Toronto. 

He has set up a vision for the missional church and trained members for it. 

And he has tried many praxis. He shared the theoretical foundation of missional church and the progress story. 

Pastor Song had previously taught 4 years as an ATS professor as an OMF missionary.

3rd National Mission Congress 

Aug. 17-19 2016 

CCT Tagaytay City Philippines 

Produced by : KCN, M3, Channel

Global Summit 

Conference of Filipino Diaspora Churches 

When : 2017.1.9 

Where : PBTS in Baguio, Philippines 

Filipino International Mission Board 

Produced by KCN, M3, Channel

This contents are to mobilize Philippines Church to mission. 

Manila International Mission Conference 2015 (MIMC2015) 


A Grain of Wheat Christian Ministry

This Video is a part of Owens Lecture Series in APNTS. 

Asia-Pacific Ministry Symposium 

"Contextual Ministry among Traditional Peoples" 

2016. Nov. 29

Speaker : Timothy WC Chung, Visiting Professor, 

Asian Center for Theological Studies and Mission (ACTS) 

January 2018 

Video 1 Bible Texts Theology and Its Tasks Why Culture and Worldview? 

Definitions of Culture and Worldview 

Video 2, 3 

Basics of Culture and Worldview Video 

4 Theological View of Culture Gospel Worldview 

Gospel WV’s Sufficiency and Supremacy References 

Produced by KCN (Camera : Claire)